Kids Life School Holiday Adventure Camp, Chelsea

February 17 – 21 February 2020

For ages 4 – 7 years, 10 am to 4 pm with an optional 5pm pick-up

Join us on 5 non-stop adventures kids will love:

Our adventures involve craft work, team work, treasure hunts, baking, planting, painting, building, science, nature, singing, performance and role play. The camp will be held at St Luke’s Hall, Chelsea giving us prime access to the gardens and the children’s playground.

Our adventures this autumn half-term include:

Serengeti, Africa 

Monday we jump in a jeep and drive deep into the Serengeti, Africa to meet the Rain Queen, seek out animals and learn the language of the drums

Polynesian Islands

Tuesday we sail out to the Polynesian Islands to learn the customs of the natives, their language, their crafts and games, before going in search of the heart of Tahiti.

Journey to the centre of the earth

Wednesday we go on a Jules Verne adventure to the centre of the earth, finding and unearthing fossils, crystals and strange plants, who knows we may find a dinosaur or too. 

The Arctic

Thursday we sail to the North Pole and make camp to discover the frozen lands of the Inuit and the animals that live there. We learn how to fish the Inuit way, track polar bears and build an igloo.

The Rain-forests of the Amazon

Our adventure ends in the Rain-forests of the Amazon, we seek out poison dart frogs, jaguars, sloths and parrots and learn about their habitats and the plants and trees that grow there.

Spring / Winter Camp for Kids February 2020 - School Holiday Camp London

From a week on our Kids Life adventures, children will take home:

Monday – An African drum, a rainmaker and a tribal necklace – know how into drum making and drum language

Tuesday – A flower necklace, a weaved basket and a tribal mask – knowledge of tribal and limbo dancing 

Wednesday – An unearthed dinosaur, crystals to grow at home and an insect eating plant – know how into excavating dinosaur bones

Thursday – Marshmallow igloo, snowflake dream catcher, fluffy penguin – know how into Arctic animal yoga

Friday – A tropical rain-forest terrarium , amazon collage, ornamental poison dart frog 

…and finally, great memories and new friendships

Chelsea Venue

St Luke’s Hall, St Luke’s Street, SW3 3RP


Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm with a optional 5pm pick-up

Breaks & Lunch

Please provide a packed lunch and snacks for morning and afternoon break. We ask that you do not pack anything that could contain nuts or sesame seeds and please, no sweets or chocolate. Also due to choking hazards we ask that all grapes be chopped length ways, thank you!

Nearest tube

District and Circle line, nearest station is South Kensington, venue is 10 mins walk from station



If you have a question then why not call us on 07500 786 512 or email


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