Kids Life Summer Adventure Camp, Notting Hill


Starting 29 July to 2 August 2019

For ages 4 – 8, 10 am to 4 pm with an optional 9 am drop-off

Join us on our non-stop adventures as we navigate our way to the Arctic and Antarctic, through woodlands and rainforests, farms and villages. 

From a week on the Kids Life adventures, children will take home:

  An appreciation for the world we live in and its delicate eco-system

  Confidence from building tasks through teamwork and creativity

  Their very own Kids Life geographic photobook

  Great bakes from their adventures to share 

  A mini rainforest to watch grow over the summer months

  Small miniature herb garden for use in the kitchen

  And finally great memories and new friend ships



St John’s Church, Landsdowne Crescent, Notting Hill, W11 2NN


Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm with a optional 9am drop-off

Breaks & Lunch

Please provide a packed lunch and snacks for morning and afternoon break. We ask that you do not pack anything that could contain nuts or sesame seeds and please, no sweets or chocolate.

Nearest tube

Central Line, nearest station is Holland Park, venue is 7 mins walk from station


Chelsea classes for mums and babies

If you have a question then why not call us on 07500 786 512 or email



What we do, where we venture to!

Monday – Arctic and Antarctic

Learn about the North Pole and the South Pole and the animals and people that populate them. Get creative and setup the stage for the Arctic and become geographic photographers, make ice lollies and build igloos. In story time we look at the effects of global warming on the North and South Pole and link it into a mini performance in which each child has a role.

Tuesday – Farm

Learn about what happens during the different seasons on the farm from lambing to sowing to harvesting. Through teamwork you’ll build and photograph you own farm stage set, then you’ll take on different roles within an interactive performance on the farm as well as building your own tractor. You’ll plant your own herb boxes and create pictures with grains and take home your beautifully baked pumpkin pie.

Wednesday – Village

You will revisit road safety and look at some of the dangers as you walk and scoot along the path and cross the roads. You’ll head on down to the Fire Station to meet real heroes that put out fires . You’ll become a character photographer and photograph people in village life as well a taking on the role of the baker to bake your muffins, and finally through team work you get to build a bus from recycled materials.

Thursday – Rainforest

Learn about the different types of rainforests and where they are on our planet, learn about the different animals, plants and trees that live and grown in them. You’ll build your own micro-rainforest with real plants that bedeck the rainforest floor. You’ll photograph real butterflies and set them free as well as creating your own butterfly dream catchers and going home with a delicious tart of cocoa and avocado sourced all the way from the Amazon.

Friday – Woodland

Learn about the animals that inhabit the woodland and the life of trees as well as the fungi which play a key role in providing nutrients to woodland soil. Take a treasure  hunt to find out how many different trees and wild flowers grow in local woodland and take on the role of a wild life photographer.  Work as a team to build your own camp from sticks at the Ecology Centre in Holland Park. Make your own hedge hogs and go home with an apple an blackberry crumble that you’ve baked.

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