Our Autumn term starts soon! We’ll have fun down on the farm with Bingo and Little Red, we’ll explore the village and march in the parade, then venture deep into the mighty jungle and under the sea! Why not join the fun and try one of our classes in Kensington, Notting Hill, Chelsea and Ealing, starting September 3rd, for 12 weeks – please be sure to book a place as our classes fill up very quickly, bookings are now open, click here.


Autumn / Winter Term

Can I attend a trial class before committing to a term?
What happens if I miss a class?
Mixed age groups and class suitability
Do I have to book for a term or can I drop-in?
Can I sign-up for classes partway through a term?
Can I pay at the door?
Are your staff trained in First Aid?
Are your staff CRB (DBS) checked?
How many staff are in attendance during the class?
Do I have to attend the class with my child?
Do you have a joining fee?
Do you have a waiting list?
What are your cancellation terms?
I don't have a venue near me, can I make a request?
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