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Colourful, magical, musical classes for babies and toddlers

Attend a performance with us and enter a world of adventure and endless discovery.

Join Teddy and his friends, as they embark on magical journeys.

Accompanied by catchy live music, songs and rhymes, fun movements and instruments.

See how puppets add character and magic into these early learning classes.

We're back! Notting Hill, Kensington & Battersea

Limited places available!

We create a magical adventure through music, song, rhyme, performance,

role play, dance and movement; all of which are keyed to supporting language skill

development, social awareness and confidence building as well as nurturing a child's

early imagination, setting a strong foundation for the years that follow.

Back to doing what we love most!

Our classes start from 6 months to 2 years. We do not group age ranges because

the greatest way children learn is from each other. At Teddy's Playhouse our

mixed age classes help to strengthen social awareness.

Melodic sound enhancing neural pathway building blocks

Live music played in classical style is a primary element in our classes, as its proven to

create and develop a vast range of neural pathways that prepare the way

for language and speech development and so much more!

Book now for Notting Hill, Kensington or Battersea!

Our classes run for 40 minutes, with a maximum of 12 places.

Fee per class is 19.50, payment must be made online prior to attending

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Classes for babies and toddlers

Classical music for babies and toddlers

Our classes for babies and toddlers start with live classical music, setting the mood for fun, interactive learning. Classical music is proven to help boost a child’s concentration, general listening and social skills.

Engagement with instruments is encouraged during classical pieces, song and popular rhyme. We won’t make overnight musical masters, but everyone will certainly gain an appreciation of music. 

Role play for babies and toddlers

Role play is an effective method of learning and it’s important to introduce role play early on in a child’s development. Basically role play is a method of learning in the form of fun activity. 

At Teddy’s Playhouse we use themed scenery, props and song to create a platform for adventure and discovery. This platform encourages infants and toddlers to explore different environments helping to develop early verbal skills and topic knowledge as well as encouraging social awareness.

Dance and movement for babies and toddlers

For babies and toddlers dance and language are intertwined, for them moving is fun, joyful, magical and it’s a way to express themselves. When movement becomes structured it becomes dance which forms a natural method of learning as well as developing enhanced sensory awareness and cognitive skills.

At Teddy’s Playhouse we use music, rhyme and simple structured movements that are fun and engaging and designed to develop both language and confidence.  

Our classes for babies and toddlers are unique!

We are not only a live music class, we are a Playhouse!

Whilst other classes work only with music, play or movement; here at Teddy’s Playhouse, our baby and toddler classes work with the full spectrum of performing arts activities offering live classical music, song, popular and loved rhymes, first-class instruments, props and stage settings, performance and movement as well as encouraging participation and interaction.

Connecting the instrument with it's sound!

During our research, we found that some classes were changing instruments weekly, not giving the opportunity for babies and toddlers to connect the instrument to it’s sound as well as not being given the opportunity to build a relationship with the instrument. Babies and toddlers LOVE the violin and when played, opens neural pathways, balancing alpha, theta and gamma brain wave activity, creating a significant opening point in the visual cortex for learning patterns, colours, shapes and language. This instrument sounds amazing accompanying children’s favourite songs and rhymes as well as it being easy to play whilst moving and interacting with babies and toddlers in the class.  

Using popular rhyme develops confidence in a child!

Songs and rhymes we use are all popular, some sung with a fun twist. It’s beneficial for children to learn and sing songs that have character, meaning and context.  Songs that are easy to learn and sing-along-to help relax and build confidence in children. Our songs at Teddy’s Playhouse are guaranteed to be enjoyed and easy to be sung at home, in the car, in the park or even shopping and are extremely beneficial to young ears and developing minds. Our songs and rhymes are woven into our performance pieces helping to bring them to life.    

Investing in quality instruments to ensure safety, sound and durability

We put a lot of research and investment into our class instruments to ensure their quality, safety, sound and durability. We worked with an awarded company in the US, who advised us on the appropriate instruments for our classes. The company has been established for over 60 years providing instruments to both pre-school and schools. 

Happy, fun classes for children and parents to escape to!

At Teddy’s Playhouse we are different because we make sure our classes are a happy fun place for children and parents to escape to. Our classes are not too serious, it is all about children interacting with each other and the instruments, and giving them an early introduction to performing arts. Our classes are designed for children to listen, learn and most importantly become socially aware and confident.  

1 to 4 ratio, class team member to child

We have a minimum of 3 teachers in each of our classes and no more than 12 children. We’ve invested time in the teachers we have chosen and it’s taken over a year to develop our fabulous themed class structures, which change 4 times within a term. We work with the same theme for 3 weeks ensuring a visual and emotional connection is achieved. All themes connect babies and toddlers with sound patterns, numbers, letters, shapes, colours and textures to aid in early learning development. So try our adventures at our Playhouse, you’ll love it!

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