Baby and toddler performing arts classes

Who we are

Teddy’s Playhouse team comprises of actors, musicians and singers with backgrounds in early learning, teaching and personal development. We are passionate about what we do and together we have combined our skills, talents and creativity to create the best in-class early learning classes.

Our baby and toddler performing arts classes are more than music!

Our classes are designed to develop concentration and listening, sensory awareness and cognitive skills, as well as enhancing non-verbal energetic interaction between parent or guardian and child.  We use themed stage sets and engaged performance by our professional actors and musicians that serve as a platform for the development of language, confidence building, a love of music and dance as well as a joyful early learning relationship with the alphabet, numbers and colours.

How we work early learning into our baby and toddler performing arts classes

Music can have a very strong emotional reaction on young ears, all our music compositions both classical and non-classical are carefully selected and played live throughout the class, creating a wonderful class atmosphere as well as opening neural pathways that serves to engage infants and toddlers in our early learning performance theme.

Before a child learns verbal skills, they use their body to communicate and are extremely good at reading our energy signatures and will mirror and respond within their early interactive framework.  Popular and well-known songs from historical and modern day archives are fun and easy to sing-along to and are supported by basic movements to further develop this framework.

Each term we introduce three themes to support our class performance piece. These are acted out by Teddy who uses fabulous props, sensory toys, musical instruments and popular rhyme to engage and interact with his audience. Our themes, props, toys and rhyme are carefully selected to support language set development, alphabet, colour and number learning.

Movement and dance is the fourth key element within our classes, we use live music and upbeat instrumental pieces and group props to support social awareness and further learning.

Why we do it!

It’s simple – the early years should be exciting and fun for every child, that’s why we’ve created Teddy’s Playhouse to bring a spark of magic into their young lives and help build a confident foundation for their years that follow.

baby and toddler performing arts classes

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